Fundraising Tips for Churches

Churches looking for ways to bring in additional funding for various projects should consider developing a fundraising strategy. While most churches are focused on cutting costs (which is commendable), that is only half of the equation. Along with cutting costs, there is a need to bring in more revenue and this is where these tips can really go a long way.

Thinking Outside the Donation Box When It Comes to Fundraising

Churches need to be creative when trying to raise funds. These tips should help churches increase the total amount of money they are able to raise.

  • Having a chase the ace fund raiser. Participants would purchase number tickets and a draw would take place. The winner of the draw would be asked to draw one card from a standard pack of fifty-two cards with the goal being to get the ace of spades. If the person draws anything but the ace of spades then he/she would win 20% of whatever the total sales were of the draw with fifty percent of the income from draw being allocated to the next draw and 30% is the churches revenue. With each passing draw, if the ace of spades is not found then the pot grows and so too does the amount of money the church would receive.
  • Offering daycare/childcare service. One very effective way to raise funds for the church is by offering childcare/daycare services to the public. The fees being charged can be lower than what the private market charges but enough to compensate workers. With the income earned by providing these childcare services, the church will be able to invest in more family oriented activities that will foster a stronger sense of community.
  • Provide tutoring services. By enlisting the help from the congregation, the church could have retired teachers provide tutoring services to the general public. These retired teachers could be paid a modest wage with the bulk of the income derived from these tutoring services going towards church activities.

We have touched on some very effective ways a church can raise money, the challenge is to implement these tips as soon as possible.